Apparently I lost you
I just watched a tv serie and BOOM I'm here, making gifs, crying a lot.


I wasn’t ready.
One gifset per episode • OITNB 1.01


Sarah Paulson as Bette and Dot Tattler

American Horror Story: Freak Show 4x01 “Monsters Among Us”

Only by entering will you learn its secrets.

Nope, they don’t gaze lovingly/longingly at each other for extended periods of time
[Exhibit A], [Exhibit B], [Exhibit C]

i had wings once, and they were strong.

      but they were s t o l e n from me.

There’s more to us than the moment we made a bad decision." - Jenji Kohan, creator of Orange Is the New Black


GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 5 favorite relationships

4/5 - Sir Ian Mckellen & Sir Patrick Stewart → Ever since Patrick asked me to marry him in the summer, we couldn’t have been closer, could we?”